Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Tombstone Tuesday

Another Coon Sibling: Martha Lavenia

Martha Lavenia Coon is another one of my 3rd great aunts. She was the eldest daughter of Jacob Coon and wife Nancy Smith, and she was born in Columbia, Richland County, South Carolina. Martha was born 20 July 1810. She was an infant when her family migrated from South Carolina to Mississippi. 

She was married to Rev. Peter McDonald.Both Rev. McDonald and Martha are interred in the Shady Grove Cemetery in Haynesville, Claiborne Parish, Louisiana. 

Several of the tombstones for the family are difficult to read and are in need of repairs. 

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Wordless Wednesday

Marriage License of Hubert Morris Gallups

Marriage license for the  Hubert Morris Gallops son of Rethe and George. 



Sunday, April 2, 2017

Sunday's Coon Sibling

James Jasper Coon 2nd great grand uncle

James Jasper Coon was born to Nancy Coon, wife of Jacob Coon, on  8 August 1825 in Mississippi. James Jasper died 5 February 1901. He was married to Susan Penelope McDavid and was a soldier in the Confederacy. He was a private in Company B 7th Regiment Mississippi Infantry C.S.A., and has a military marker that Mrs. Sam White ordered, had placed on his grave, to honor our ancestor for his service. The tombstone shown is James Jasper Coon's is a great tribute to a man who deserved the memorial in his honor.  His wife Susan died several years before, and to my knowledge James Jasper "Doss" never remarried.  

There were eleven known children of Jacob and Nancy Coon. James was the youngest brother of the siblings, and the brother of my maternal second great grandfather John Lewis Coon. Because of the time of James' birth the records to prove his birth date have been difficult to come by. The tombstone is a source that I will use (with caution) to verify his birth and death information. The birth information most likely came from a family Bible, a family member, or other source. Tombstone inscriptions are also used as sources of birth and death information. Such records may be used to supplement standard sources of genealogical information, but sometimes they are the only information that can be found pertaining to the birth and death of an ancestor. Names, dates, places, and sometimes information on the family can be included on a tombstone.  Once you find the tombstone of an ancestor, use caution with the information found on it. Tombstones are notorious for error, for whatever reason there may be errors in the information – incorrect dates, name misspelled to name a few. The information needs to be used with information from other records to verify it.

The appearance of the tombstone is another important thing to be aware of when using information from a tombstone in researching our ancestors. The photo is of James Jasper Coon’s tombstone. As you can tell from looking at the photo it is an old tombstone. James Jasper died in 1901 so this tombstone is worn, old in appearance and probably the information is reliable.

The information from a tombstone is considered a secondary source. The information on the tombstone most likely is not someone who was present at the birth of the ancestor, such as the midwife, doctor and other person. The information on the tombstone is only as accurate as the person’s firsthand knowledge of the information. The person giving the information is the informant. The information is only as accurate as that person’s memory.  It is so easy for birth dates and places to be wrong - even for a name to be wrong. When using information from a tombstone use it, but prove it with other records. 

The memorial information states that James Jasper was buried in the Attovac Baptist Church Cemetery in San Augustine, San Augustine County, Texas.  

Monday, March 27, 2017

Matrilineal Monday

Jacob B. Bixler

Jacob B. Bixler and Matilda Barclay are maternal line ancestors. Mother's mother was Mary Lavenia Ramsey. Venie, as she was known, was the child of Eliza Jane Burnett and Asa Ramsey. Eliza Jane's grandparents were Jacob B. Bixler and Matilda Barclay. Eliza Jane's mother, Latitia Bixler's parents. In researching these maternal line ancestors a Jacob B. Bixler from Pennsylvania is the only one that I could find. Needless to say this is quite a mystery as to how he could have come to Mississippi Territory and married a Matilda who was supposedly born in Louisiana. It is possible though, but how and why? What happened to Jacob B. Bixler after 1820?

The records found for these two ancestors reveal few clues. Is this the same Jacob. Proving this is one and the same who married Matilda has been a trial in patience and endurance. Since I have no family member in my family who can give insight into this mystery maybe there will be someone to stumble across this blog and give some insight into these two ancestors. I would very much like to have them in their rightful place in my family tree if that is where they belong.

Whether or not this is the same Jacob Bixler as the one in Mississippi is unknown. However, research is ongoing to prove or disprove that mystery.
Marriage of Jacob B. Bixler and Matilda Barclay.

There was a Jacob Bixler who owned the slave John in March 1826. He belonged to Jacob Bixler of woodville. Read the article about this slave John.
Amite County, 1820 Census with Jacob B. Bixler listed on the census. The number of family members listed for that year fits what I have for the head, wife, and three children. However, there was a daughter Matilda C.born about 1818, a son John Barclay born about 1819 , Lavenia born about 1820 all born in Amite. 

There is this J. B. Bixler living in East Feliciana Parish, Louisiana. Is that the same Bixler as the one in the 1820 Amite census? 

Matilda Bixler is head of family on the 1840 Pike County, Mississippi census. What happened to Jacob. I haven't found him. Did he abandon her and the children? Or did he die? Was he killed in the War of 1812? 

Looking at these records and analyzing the information on them I came to the conclusion that Matilda Bixler is the mother of Latitia Bixler Burnett and the grandmother of Eliza Jane Burnett. As to what happened to Jacob B. Bixler, maybe he decided to return to Pennsylvania or maybe this isn't the Jacob B. Bixler who married Matilda Barclay. More questions than answers for Jacob B. Bixler. 

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Wordless Wednesday

Zachariah Gipson Edwards, Deputy Sheriff

Son of Charles Edwards and Nancy Baker, Zachariah was born 10 Oct 1847 in Cherokee County, Georgia. He died 31 Aug 1903 in Black Springs, Montgomery County, Arkansas. Another of my Edwards great grand uncles.


Ancestry.com Public Member Stories, The Mena Star, September 17, 1903, Montgomery Circuit Court.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Tombstone Tuesday

Another Fearless Edwards Woman: Dolly Odessa

Dolly Odessa Edwards was born to John Houston Edwards and Dolly Ophelia Lee 25 Nov 1920 in Eros, Jackson Parish, Louisiana.
Dolly Odessa Edwards died 30 Nov 2000 in Sylacauga, Talladega County, Alabama. She is buried in the Evergreen Memorial Cemetery.
She was married to Jonathan Estes Oakes when she was eighteen years old 5 Nov 1939 in Shelby County, Alabama.
Two known sons Barry Lloyd Oakes and Brett Oakes. One known daughter Patricia Sue Oakes.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Thursday's Fearless Woman

Emma Sophronia Meadows 

Parents John Calvin Meadows and Sarah Ann Oliver
Emma was born 10 March 1851 probably in Troup County, Georgia 
Married to William Alfred Lee 05 Sep 1869 in New Site, Tallapoosa County, Alabama
Died 11 Nov 1920 Oak Grove, West Carroll Parish, Louisiana
Mother of James William, Dolly Ophelia, Robert E., and Alice Lee