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Jordan Lee – from South Carolina to Alabama

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Who is this Jordan Lee of South Carolina? He is an ancestor who is obscure and one who is almost without a paper trail of his existence.  His origin or parentage is mysterious.  Jordan Lee would be a third great grandfather the progenitor of the Lee family. His wife was Lydia Hodge daughter of Benjamin Hodge and Nancy (Rains) Hodge. An estimated marriage date of about 1805 was determined from the birth year of their first child.

As I have researched the Lee lines, I have found the records to be scarce, and have had to rely on census records and a couple of land records to trace Jordan Lee’s path. I have used his father-in-law Benjamin Hodge’s Revolutionary War pension record as a guide to verify that I am following the correct Jordan Lee. In addition, a Lee cousin has YDNA tested and the DNA tool used along with census and land records have helped in proving the lineage.

As records about Jordan Lee are found, they are analyzed and scrutinized to make sure he is the correct Jordan Lee, father of Benjamin Lee.Trinity Martin, daughter of Benjamin Hodge and Nancy (Rains), applied for a Revolutionary War Pension 13 Oct 1847, for the service time that Benjamin served in the War. Both Benjamin and Nancy were deceased at that time. Trinity Martin, wife of Joseph Martin deceased, filed for the pension on behalf of herself and her siblings: Sarah Grant, wife of Randell Grant deceased, Letty Lee, wife of Jordan Lee deceased, Lucy Sims, wife of John Sims, Rachel Martin, wife of David Martin, Sarah Cusa, wife of Reuben Cusa, Margaret Brown, wife of William Brown, and Zady Hodge. The children of Benjamin Hodge understood that he had been a private soldier in the Army of the Revolutionary War.

The Lee project that I have undertaken has taken several years to do.  Follow along as I take you on the journey of tracing the Jordan Lee line from Richland District, South Carolina to Tallapoosa County, Alabama using census records and land records.
The census records from 1810 to 1840 show that Jordan Lee was the father of at least seven children, possibly more.  He was a farmer and would have been about twenty-two years old in 1800. This age was estimated from information from a Daughter of the American Revolution application for a prospective member.

Jordan Lee was listed as head of the family on the 1810 census in Columbia Township, Richland District, South Carolina and as a free white male in the age category of 26-44. Jordan was about thirty-two years old in 1810 and would fit in that category. There was a free white female in the age range of 16-25. His wife Lydia would fit in that age category since she was born about 1780 and that was the only choice of categories for female where she would fit. There were five children in two age categories.

Listed on the 1820 census in Richland District, South Carolina was a Jordan Lee and again he fit in the age category of 26-44 since he would have been about forty-two years old. Lydia was about thirty-five years old in 1830 so she fit in the age category free white persons females 26 thru 44. There were nine children listed in the male and female age categories.

On the 1830 Richland, South Carolina Jordan Lee was head of the family and fit in the category of 50 thru 59 age range since he was about fifty-two years old at that time.  Ten children were in the age categories for males and females. Looking at the age categories and ages of the adults’ possibly two sons and daughters-in-law were living with the family. The category was free white males and females 20 thru 29. Therefore, I concluded sons Benjamin and Isaiah would fit in that category. 

There was not a Jordan Lee in Richland, South Carolina in 1840; therefore, I concluded the family was on the move due to expansion of the land in the territories of Mississippi and Alabama. The Lee family migrated after the 1830 census. On the 1840 Tallapoosa County, Alabama census, Jordan Lee was listed in the age category with free white persons males 60 thru 69. Jordan Lee fit in this age category since he was about 62 years old at that time. In 1845, Jordan acquired land in a cash entry sale. Jordan Lee was issued a certificate on 01 June 1845, No. 8198 for 40.13 and half-hundredth acres of land in Tallapoosa County, Alabama.

He was not found on any censuses or records after 1845, which led me to believe he died after acquiring the land in 1845. Lydia (Lidia) his wife was on the 1850 census for Township 24, Tallapoosa County, Alabama. On the 1850 census Lydia (Lidia) Lee was listed on the census as head of the family; age 60, a farmer, with a value of real estate owned 150 and occupation or trade farm, and born in South Carolina. Benjamin and his family were on the 1840 census for Tallapoosa County, Alabama so they had migrated along with his parents.

An estimated death date for Jordan was about 1847 since the date on Benjamin Hodge’s pension is Oct 1847, and Jordan was stated as being deceased at that time.  Lydia’s place of birth listed as South Carolina, and was listed consistently as her place of birth in the censuses from 1850-1870. 

While analyzing the1850 Census for Tallapoosa County Township 24 Alabama,  I noticed that living next door to Lydia Lee was  Zachariah Lee age 25, Martha E. age 20, and Susan L. age 1. Zachariah's was born in South Carolina. Zachariah’s wife Martha’s place of birth was Georgia and Susan L.'s place of birth as Alabama. They were farmers.  Jordan and Lydia had a son named Zachariah. 

On the 1860 census Letty (Lydia) Lee was listed with a family in Precinct 6 Butler County, Alabama. The enumeration date for this census was August 8, 1860.

Letty Lee was enumerated on 08 July 1870 in Township 22 County of Randolph State of Alabama. Letty, age 94, is living with James and Betsy Fetner. James was 65 and born in Georgia and Betsy was 56 and born in South Carolina. Their real estate was 40 and value of personal property was 100. James was a farmer. It was inferred that this is Lydia widow of Jordan, and Betsy was Lydia’s daughter.

Benjamin Hodge and Nancy parents of  Lydia Lee’s was proven from the Revolutionary War Pension of Benjamin Hodge. Lydia and Jordan Lee’s relationships were proven by the will of Benjamin as well. Lydia Lee’s father, Benjamin Hodge of the Richland District, served in the Revolutionary War for one year as a private in the Company of Captain Godwin  of the Regiment commanded by Colonel William Thomson in the Third Regiment of the Continental Line of the South Carolina Infantry.

Jordan Lee possibly was born in South Carolina circa 1778, but since I have not found an 1800 census, I cannot place his birth in a particular location. He would have been about twenty-two years old at the time of the 1800 census. He was married to Lydia Hodge, daughter of Benjamin Hodge and Nancy (Rains) Hodge, in Richland District, South Carolina. Jordan Lee was third great grandfather and father of Benjamin Lee, who was the father of William Alfred Lee, the father of “Granny” Alice Lee. 

Alice Lee, daughter of William Alfred Lee and Sophronia Emma Meadows was born 07 November 1887 in Tecumseh, Cherokee, Alabama. The Lee family moved to Louisiana between 1900 and 1910 and settled in Eros, Jackson Parish, Louisiana. The family was listed on the 1900 Federal Census for Jackson Parish Ward 1 for May 13.

Alice was 24 years old living with William A. and Emma Lee her parents. She was listed as having been born in Alabama. William was 64 years old and Emma 61 years old at the time of the 1900 census.  Robert E. Lee and Leaky, Alice’s brother and sister-in-law, were living there with William, Emma, and Alice. Robert was 26 years old and Leaky 23 years old. Robert and Leakey had three children listed with them. The children were Emma age 2, Willie age 3, and Mary age 8 months. Esters was not listed with this family at the time of this census taking.

DNA testing is a tool used along with the paper trail of research to prove the Lee familial lineage. Using the DNA matches along with records I am working to locate and prove the parents of Jordan Lee. According to the YDNA test results for the Lee project, this Lee line is not related to the Lees of Virginia. Knowing that the Jordan Lee line is a separate line helped eliminate that well-known and famous Lee family line. One of the matches from the atDNA test results showed a match to a descendant of Col. William Lee from North Carolina. Consequently, this is an avenue that I will continue to research.

Jordan Lee is the ancestor of this Lee clan. Jordan’s parents have not been located or identified; therefore, this will be an ongoing research project on the Lee family line.

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  1. Hey Esther,
    This is great information and research you have done. Isaiah Isom Lee was my 4th great grandfather. I have been looking for information on his parents and have found mixed results. Some records show David Richard Lee and Hannah Anderson as his parents, others show Thomas Jordan Lee and Lidia Hodge. If you have found anymore info on these lines please let me know. I was trying to find out if there was any relation to the Lee family of Virginia and Robert E Lee. Lucretia Demarius Lee my 3 rd great grandmother told my great grandmother that she was closely related to Robert E Lee. My grandmother and I are trying to research this information, Jordan Lee would be my 5th great grandfather if he is Isaiah's father, Look forward to hear from you, Thanks so much! Alexandra Lewis

  2. Alexandra, I have not found evidence to prove Isaiah to be a son of Jordan and Lydia Lee. I joined the Lee DNA project and my Lee family haven't connected to the Lee family of Virginia nor Robert E. Lee. However, I continue to research the Lee family. Records are added online frequently and one day the records needed to prove the connection may be added to the databases.
    Good luck in researching your Lee family.

  3. Esther,
    In your research, does THIS Jordan Lee and Lydia have a child named Burrell Lee married a Nancy Pate?

    If so I would like to speak with you further!
    My email :

  4. Jordan Lee and Lydia had a son named Burrell Lee. Burrell Lee married Nancy Pate. Burrell (Burwell)married Nancy Ann Pate 22 November 1856 in Chattahoochee County, Georgia. I found a copy of the marriage record.

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    2. Esther, is this the same Burrell Lee that married Mahalia Nelson?

    3. Sterling,thanks for stopping by my blog. Please let me know if you have any other questions. This is the same Burrell who married Mahalia Nelson. From my research Mahalia was his first wife. Mahalia died about 1854.He then married a second time Nancy Ann Pate about 1856.

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  5. Is there any records that have Burrell Lee listed as the son of Jordan Lee and his wife Lydia Hodge i can't seem to find any record that links them together? And also did Burrell Lee and Mahalia Nelson have a daughter named Minerva Lee who married Patrick McHugh Minerva and Patrick are my 4x Great Grandparents

  6. Members of DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) who are descendants of Burrell Lee have applications on file at the DAR Headquarters. On the application it states that Burrell Lee was born circa a 1809 in Richland District, South Carolina. Burrell is listed as the son of Jordan Lee and Letty Hodge. Burrell was married to Mahalia Nelson 5 Jan 1834 as stated on the applications. Mahalia died circa 1854.
    How do you connect to the Lee family Sterling?
    I have done extensive research on the Lee family and related family lines. To become a member of any lineage society a prospective member is required to provide documentation to prove the direct line from themselves to the ancestor; that is except United Daughters of the Confederacy (also Sons of the Confederacy; the prospective member is allowed to use collateral lines for those societies). The documentation must be reliable, authentic, and meet DAR strict standards. Those records are on file at the DAR Library in Washington, D.C. Please contact me if you have any further questions.

  7. Thank you so much Esther I'm trying to become a member of the SAR thats why i asked if there was any documentation that list Burrell as there son I'm a descendant of Burrell Lee and Mahalia Nelson daughter Minerva Lee and her husband Patrick McHugh they are my 4x Great Grandparents

  8. My husband is the registrar for the local Sons of the American Revolution (SAR). Let me make sure of your ancestor. Are you a descendant of Burrell Lee, Mahalia Nelson, or Patrick McHugh? Minerva married Patrick McHugh are they your 4th great grandparents?

  9. There all my descendants Minerva and patrick are my 4th great grandparents and Burrell Lee and Mahalia Nelson are my 5th great grandparents

  10. Sterling, my husband is the Registrar for the local SAR. The registrar for the local chapter where you are applying for membership can go to the website and look at the applications. Keep in mind that the living applicants' information is private. You can also go to the website and look at those. That is the public access to the website. Then, go to the GRS (Genealogical Records System). Click on ancestor. Since Benjamin Hodge, the father of Letty “Lidia” Hodge who married Jordan Lee, is my direct line ancestor, I put the Hodge surname in the blank and did a search for the Hodge list. Then I searched for the patriot Benjamin Hodge who served for South Carolina. Also, John Rains the father of Benjamin's wife Nancy, served in the Revolutionary War. He was a Sergeant. I did a search for Rains and then looked at the app for the member who used John Rains as her patriot.
    I am always happy to help others with family history research.

    1. I live in Louisville, Kentucky so the main headquarters isn't that far from me so i'll probably join the Louisville chapter of the SAR

  11. Sterling, do you have information on Minerva and Patrick? Is your Patrick McHugh the immigrant from Ireland in 1847 and age 29?

  12. Yes i have some census records of patrick and minerva theres an 1880s Dallas, Alabama census record that has patrick and Minerva on it it was hard to find because his name was spelled Mccue and not Mchugh Patrick Mchugh was born around 1820 in Ireland and died in 1898 in Dallas, Alabama and Minerva was born around 1840 in Alabama and died in 1912 in Alabama

  13. Ancestry has a ship manifest, passenger lists, and immigration lists with the name of the ship with a Patrick McHugh as a passenger. The Patrick McHugh was 29 years old when the ship arrived 3 Aug 1847 giving you an estimated birth year. There are probate records for Patrick McHugh on Ancestry. You may have all this info already though. The probate record has his name, death date, County of death, names of his wife and children and their spouses. This is a great record to use for your app for SAR along with other records you may have for this ancestors. Ancestry has city directories for 1904 and 1913 with Minerva McHugh (widow of Patrick) that gives you a place: Selma, Alabama. Which of the children of Minerva do you descend from? Enclose your email and I will forward you the info that I have and you don't have. The email is my personal email for genealogy. If you want you can correspond using it.

  14. My email is and I'm descended from there daughter Elizabeth McHugh who Married Charles Roberson Carter