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Isham Meadows, the First Son of Daniel 

Researching the Meadows familial linage has taken me to the records of Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, and the final migration path, Alabama. Emma Meadows paternal great grandmother was an unknown until fifteen years ago. Emma Meadows’ name came up in a family history discussion with Mother when I asked her, “Who are yours and Daddy’s parents and what do you know about them?” As a matter of fact, all the ancestors were unknowns until family history research became a hobby back in the year 1997. The first trip to the local library to research the names that Mother had provided was a complete failure.

On a Saturday in 1997, with the names of grandparents and great grandparents the decision was to start with the microfilm and look for the names of the folks that Mother had provided. The first family to research were the paternal grandparents Jack Eley and Alice. Sister Ruby told me that Jack Eley was born in Arkansas and his father’s name was Joe Eley. That search was fruitless. The experience at the local library that day was not a good one. So, I went home and didn’t attempt to research family until 2001. I began to read how-to books about genealogical research, attend genealogy conferences/seminars, and joined a local genealogy society. Then, when webinars were presented signed up for webinars from various societies. As I became better equipped to research family, another trip to the library was more fruitful, and the genealogy venture has continued to this day. And I became the self-appointed family historian; only because no other family members were interested in family history research and learning about their ancestors.

The Meadows family has become a household name now and the direct line paternal ancestors are well known back to Daniel, the progenitor of the Meadows family, and his birth either in England or Virginia about 1685. His son Isham the first was born in Bristol Parish, Prince George County, Virginia about 1740/41. Isham was baptized 3 January 1741/42 in Bristol Parish. Isham is the youngest son of Daniel and his wife Jane. When Daniel died in 1755 Isham was an orphan. He was then bound to Colonel William Person to learn the cooper’s trade or a barrel maker. Included in this agreement was two years schooling. Isham would have been about fourteen or fifteen years old when his father died. Daniel Meadows moved his family to Granville County, North Carolina before 1755.

Thomas Owens, Histories and Genealogies of Old Granville Co., N. C. 1746-1800, p. 190

The years from 1755 to Isham marries about 1762 are silent. He marries in Granville County, North Carolina. His wife's name hasn't been proven; however, some folks say she was France Goode, but there is no marriage record found yet to prove that assertion.

In 1790 Isham Meadows Sr. was living in Warren County, North Carolina. Living in the household with Isham as the head of the house were seven males under sixteen, three males over sixteen, two white females, with twelve people in the household. Isham had sons John born about 1763, Isham born about 1765, James born about 1770. Isham Meadows the first had sons William born about 1778, Daniel born 1 March 1779, and Edward born about 1783. Naming pattern of the children in continues in each generation in the Meadows.

1790 Warren County, North Carolina United States Federal Census Isham Meadows

Isham moved to George after the 1790 census was taken. He died in Harris County, Georgia 4 April 1829. There is announcement of his death in an Extant Georgia Newspaper; however, the age at death is incorrect; the numbers were reversed. He would have been eighty-nine years old when he died.


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