Sunday, December 25, 2016

Sentimental Sunday

Christmas Past
Compiled December 2013
By Esther Jones

Each Christmas I remember
The ones of long ago,
I see our Christmas tree decorated,
with lights, all aglow,
And strings of popcorn in a row.
Each Christmas I remember the piles of fruit under the tree,
And there was one just for me.
Yet, there were no toys there,
But, plenty of love to share.
Of Christmas past that used to be,
When presents were scarce,
But, all our family was full of glee.
All the family gathered in our home,
Each Christmas I remember, we were not alone.
The joy in the air as our family would gather to partake
Of Christmas dinner Mother would bake.
Each Christmas finds me longing
of Christmas as the last,
And I look back at my childhood
of memories past.
With joy in my heart,
That I long to last.
Oh, what memories I have of Christmases past.

The snow in Unionville in Lincoln Parish about 1960  

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