Thursday, December 15, 2016

Thankful Thursday


Genealogical research has been a fascinating adventure. When I began researching family fifteen years ago, I began journey by traveling to courthouses, libraries, Family History Centers, Museums, walking cemeteries, visiting family members in other cities or towns, visiting sanitariums gathering information on my family members, joining the local genealogy society, and traveling to family history conferences. That was a great experience and I believe made me a better family historian. Researching family has been made easier because of all the volunteers who have taken their time to go into repositories to copy, digitalize, and index records to be placed online. This is a painstaking task for those volunteers and they may assume that no one is thankful; however, this genealogist is very thankful for their efforts in volunteering for the monumental tasks at hand. Researching family members is made easier by accessing available records online. Thank you volunteers for a job well done.

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