Monday, December 19, 2016

Mystery Monday

DNA and Carmack Family Members  

Recently I decided to take another look at my autosomal (atDNA) DNA test results, and I was especially interested in the Carmack surname. The Carmack family is one that isn’t as familiar to me as the Edwards, Baker, Kelly, Lee, Meadows, and Wideman families. The Carmack family seems to be elusive and is a mystery. 

Drucilla Carmack married Benjamin Lee about 1830. Therein lies the problem Drucilla Carmack. The only evidence that is known about Drucilla is Ancestry Family Trees. We all know how reliable those can be when researching families. After DNA testing with all three companies and no Carmacks showing up in the test results, possibly Drucilla wasn’t a Carmack. There are no records that have been located to link Drucilla to her parents. She was born about 1812 in North Carolina per the information on censuses.

About four months ago, I connected with a new-found cousin through my blog. She stumbled across my blog while looking for her relatives. After going through the blog articles, she decided to contact me and find out about the familiar surname connection. We shared stories over a period of a month. She shared that she married a descendant of Drucilla and Benjamin Lee. Their daughter married. They had a son and married and had a son. Then he married, and his wife is the new-found cousin who contacted me. This new-found cousin married her cousin.

The first thing that I did when the DNA relatives came up in the search was to look for Carmack surnames. The search results had one Carmack name that came up. When looking through the DNA matches on 23andMe this match was one that piqued my interest. Not being familiar with the new 23andMe I poked around trying to figure out if there were surnames or any information that would give me clues as to the Carmack DNA cousin’s location. Well, that was unsuccessful. Therefore, I messaged the new-found cousin. First, I introduced myself and gave a little information being careful not to say anything that would scare this new-found cousin away. He responded with a cordial message and in the end, gave me a tidbit of information to allow me to do research on that Carmack line. You can read the article here.

After researching using the names and death dates provided by my new-found cousin, I found a common ancestor on the Wideman familial lineage. Researching the new-found cousins Carmack line on Ancestry was easy given the time. Censuses, city directory, school year book, Findagrave Information, and marriage records were available. The grandparents, great grandparents, and second great grandparents were found; however, research is ongoing to find the mystery Carmack that connects to this new-found cousin. How does this Carmack connect to William R. Carmack? Now the research is on the collateral family members of the William R. Carmack family to determine if there is a link to this Carmack family. This will be a long tedious process.

The Carmack family is still a mystery; however, I am working to solve the mystery.

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