Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Wednesday's Tales

The Black Fuzzy Worm Hanging Out

I called my sister today and asked her if she knew why I posted that picture of the black fuzzy worm. To my amazement she didn’t know why I posted it. She had never heard the story of me not being able to pick cotton because I was terrified of those black fuzzy worms. But she also didn’t know there was the story of looking for snakes too. Another critter that I do not to this day, well really, I don’t see the need for snakes in the balance of nature. Yes, I know they are important for that reason only. 

The picture was taken outside with the camera on IPhones 6s
 on the bricks by the bathroom window. 
In Tuesday's Tales post on 13 December 2014, the black fuzzy worm was on the brick wall outside the bedroom window. This morning I went out to check on it and the worm had moved over to the wall near the bathroom window. Thank goodness, I hadn’t decide to raise the bathroom window. He probably would have found a crack someplace to come into the bathroom. Then Jimmy would have had to rescue me. A little while ago when I checked, the worm is hanging out in the same place. Just hanging out waiting for the cycle to continue. 

There is very little information on the internet about the black fuzzy worm, but the couple of brief articles that I found stated they are harmless. Don’t know if I believe that because just sight of them gives me the shivers. Flashback of picking cotton in West Carroll!

Therefore, I have decided I will let the black fuzzy worm hang out where it is, and most likely a bird will come by and have it for dinner tonight. 

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