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More Coon Hunting Harris C.

Researching the maternal Coon line has been relatively easy given that most of the siblings of Clifton Columbus Coon stayed in the Brookhaven, Lincoln County, Mississippi and surrounding area. Clifton’s father Edward Zachariah Thomas Coon was born in Brookhaven and died in that area. Edward’s father John Lewis Coon was born there and died in Lincoln County. Bits of information discovered while researching the Coons is humorous at times and sad at other times; however, the information gives a glimpse into the lives of the Coon family. 

Analyzing census records and the information for a family reveals information that individual family members most likely didn’t know future generations would be reading. Recently I was looking at the census for Harris C. Coon, brother of Clifton C. Coon. On the 1900 Beat 1, Lincoln County, Mississippi census Harris’ father had remarried after the death of his first wife Jane. His wife was A. Colferna Coward widow. While researching Colferna, the records show she was married to Elijah Coward. Colferna had a fourteen-year-old daughter H. Nancy Coward listed on the 1900 Beat 1 Lincoln County census with Z T Edward Coon and A. Colferna his spouse. After analyzing the information on this census the conclusion is that Harris C. Coon married his step-sister.

Harris and Nancy’s four children were all born in Lincoln County, Mississippi. The death of Nancy is unknown; however, the last record that she was listed on was the 1914 Brookhaven, Mississippi City Directory where she is listed with her spouse Harris C. Coon. Then, by the 1920 census taking Harris is fifty years old, living on Rodgers Road, New Courthouse, Lincoln County with his children Eva M. age seventeen, Ruth age fourteen, Lillian age twelve, and Bernard age ten. It is stated on the census he is married. Where is Nancy? Then by 1940 Harris C. Coon is listed as a widower and is living with his daughter Ruth and her family. Harris' where about for 1930 is unknown at this time, however I continue to look for him.

What happened to Nancy Coward Coon is a mystery that will take more research. For now, her where about and death date are unknown. Harris C. Coon died 18 December 1958 in Lincoln County, Mississippi and is interred in the Union Baptist Church Cemetery in Lincoln County where his father and other Coon family members are interred.

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