Monday, December 5, 2016

Monday’s Meadows

Isham, Jr. son of Isham Meadows the First

The patriarch of the Meadows family Daniel Meadows was from Virginia and was born about 1685. It isn’t known if he was born in Virginia or England; however, what is known is that he had all sons. Isham Meadows the second is his grandson and the son of Isham the first, Daniel’s youngest son. The Meadows men Daniel, Isham, Isham, William, and John Calvin, are the direct line to Emma Meadows then her daughter Alice Lee. The familial line of Meadows has been proven with YDNA testing and autosomal (atDNA). This line apparently at a time in the past were originally were from England.

Isham the second was born about 1765 in Bute County, North Carolina. He was married first to Frances Acree daughter of William Acree and Frances Shearin. He married a second time after Frances died about 1815. Isham was the father of fourteen children. At some point in time Isham moved his family to Georgia.

There is an Isham Meadows on the 1790 Warren County, North Carolina census; however, there isn't another census with the younger Isham listed for North Carolina.

Isham Meadows the second died testate and named children and his wife Martha in the will. Martha is his second wife; however, her maiden name is unknown. He only names his wife as Martha in the will. There isn’t a record of this marriage found as of this date. There could be one in a courthouse; but there has not been one found in the databases online to prove the marriage. Research continues for this familial lineage though.

Isham Meadows moved to Alabama after December 6, 1815, when he paid taxes in Willis’s District, Greene County, Georgia, and 1820. On the 1830 Lowndes County, Alabama census is an Isham Meadows, Benjamin Meadows and Ransom Meadows. Benjamin and Ransom are sons of Isham. There was a male listed in the 60 and under 70 age categories. Isham would have been about 65 years old at that time.

The will for Isham Meadows was made 22 November 1844 and was registered 25 February 1845 in Lowndes County, Alabama. The will was proven 10 February 1845, and his wife Martha was named in the will as the executrix. Isham Meadows also named all his children in his will. First, he named Ransom, he willed the mill seat to him, and that was to include all land covered by the mill pond, about three acres more or less. Martha his wife received all land and property during her life. Then at her death the land would be equally divided among his children, Priscilla, William, Nancy, Isham, Susanna, Elizabeth, Jane, and Asa. His wife Martha received all slaves during her life. Then when Martha died his children would receive specifically named slaves. The children he named for those were, his sons Asa, Benjamin, Edward, and Daniel, and his daughter Martha. Martha his wife would receive everything else, and when she died then all other property was to be equally divided between his children, Martha, James, Daniel, Edward and Benjamin. The will of Isham Meadows the second has been posted in a previous post.

Isham Meadows died 16 December 1844 in Lowndesboro, Lowndes County, Alabama.

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