Monday, December 26, 2016

Mystery Monday

Who is John Benjamin Lee?

Mysteries abound in genealogical research. Some will be solved others will remain just that - a mystery. The male on the right in this photo is identified as John Benjamin Lee by the Lee family members who have posted the photo on Ancestry. The photo is posted on Ancestry with the Lee family trees. The person on the left is identified as George Washington Lafayette "Fate" Lee, a great grand uncle. He is also identified in another family photo, and I have written a story of Fate for this blog.

Fate is the youngest son of Benjamin Lee and wife Drucilla. The mystery is, how does John Benjamin Lee fit into my Lee family? Fate doesn't have a known son by the name of John Benjamin, but a son named John Robert.  Is John Benjamin Fate's brother that I don't know about? Is he a nephew of Fate? This I do know, while looking at this photo I feel as though I am looking at a photo of my father. My father is a "carbon copy" of this man, John Benjamin Lee. My father's mother was Alice Lee born in Alabama. This person in this photo could be my father in the late 1800s or early 1900s. But is this man on the right in the photo a son of Fate or how does he fit into my Lee family?  Research continues to solve this mystery.

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