Sunday, December 18, 2016

Sunday’s Tales

The Black Fuzzy Woolly Worm is Gone

It's gone! Friday morning about 10:15 I was going out the front door to go to great granddaughter's Christmas play and noticed the bristled black fuzzy woolly worm was gone. Thinking that it had moved again I looked on the door, in the cracks in the brick wall, and on the frame of the door. Black fuzzy worm was nowhere to be found. Where did it go?

Photo taken on wall outside front door on Wednesday before
the black fuzzy woolly worm was discovered gone. 
On Saturday morning, thinking about the black fuzzy caterpillar and what could have happened to it, I looked for it. I looked at the front door and on the brick wall. Not a trace of black fuzzy worm. Was it a bird's meal? Possibly. Did black fuzzy worm fall off the wall into the leaves below? It could have. Did the cold blustery wind blow it away? Maybe. I looked all around – under the leaves, on the bushes, in the Christmas wreath on the front door, and in the Christmas tree nearby. However, I couldn't find black bristled fuzzy woolly worm.

After doing an exhaustive search for the black fuzzy woolly caterpillar (worm) my thoughts were it had gone maybe to hibernate. After determining that the evidence was reliable, had been skillfully correlated, and interpreted that the black bristled fuzzy woolly caterpillar was gone, then I would have to accept it. There was no evidence to contradict that and I wouldn't get to see black woolly caterpillar transform into the pretty moth that it would become in the spring.

I will keep an eye out though just in case it does return. ■

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