Friday, June 10, 2016

Bernard Keith Midkiff: The Little Boy Who Wasn’t Forgotten Re-examined

By Esther Eley Jones

Death Certificate for Bernard Keith Midkiff
Back in July 215 I wrote an article, Bernard Keith Midkiff:  The Little Boy Who Wasn’t Forgotten. In the article I stated that little Bernard Keith died of SIDs. The 13 January 1959 when the baby died, the cause of death that was given to a family member was SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

This morning I received an email from my sister stating that my brother-in-law would like to order a headstone for the baby and his mother, our sister Jean who died 21 Feb 2012. My sister asked if I would  get the birth and death certificates for both of them? This request was a challenge for me since I don’t know the place of Jean’s death. I do have the birth dates and places of birth for both Jean and Baby Bernard Keith. I started the search by going to and  begin the search for Bernard Keith. That search proved to be a good one since a volunteer had taken the time to take photos of the grave marker and the vital information and place it on  Bernard Keith’s interment was also on, but not his mother Jean’s information.

Then, I decided to do a Google search to see if there were any online death certificates for them. There was a death certificate placed online for Bernard Keith Midkiff. As I read through the death record and came to the information for the cause of death I was shocked as to the cause of death listed on the record. After the initial shock of the cause of death wore off, I began to  realize now more than before how important it is to have records to verify family information. This information for the cause of death is an important fact for anyone who is doing a family medical history.

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