Friday, July 8, 2016

Using Google Search to Fill in the Gap

Recently a question came up about Mother’s brother, George Doyle Coon. Uncle George served in the United States Army during WWII; however, where was he after he served four years in the Army?  There was discussion about where he was living 1951-1955.  I decided to go back, look through my records, and determine where he was during the years 1951-1955.

Here is what I found. In 1940, Uncle George was living in Oak Grove, West Carroll Parish, Louisiana. He is on the 1940 census listed as a boarder. The family he is living with are Granddaddy Clifton Coon’s nephew and his family. On May 30, 1941, Uncle George enlisted in the Army in Jacksonville, Florida. After the service, where did he go? In 1958 Jean, my sister lived in Silsbee, Texas and Uncle George and his wife lived near Jean and her family. Uncle George was living there when Jean moved to Silsbee, Texas.

After going back through records for Uncle George, I then did a Google search for the 1950 Federal Census. Even though the 1950 Federal Census hasn’t been released and won’t be released until April 1, 2022, I thought possibly there is a hint for substitute records. One of the search results was for, a 1950 census substitute.

This “substitute” for the yet-to-be-released 1950 census is made up of about 2500 city directories. This morning, I spent two hours or so searching, as well as browsing through the collection, with some success. George D. Coon was in the U. S. City Directories, 1821-1989.

I found him in Texas, and living in Beaumont, 1953 – 1954. According to Uncle George’s daughter, he was married in Port Arthur, Texas. In 1953, his daughter was born and August 1954 his son was born. I am working on verifying the birth information from Uncle George’s daughter, Brenda. There should be a marriage license at the courthouse in Port Arthur, Jefferson County, Texas for George D. Coon and his bride if indeed this is the place of their marriage. There also should be a record of birth for the two children if they were born in the local St. Mary’s Hospital.
More work to do on this collateral line. ■

Note: George D. Coon headstone
George D. Coon burial is in Unionville Cemetery, Dubach, Lincoln Parish, Louisiana. 

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