Friday, March 3, 2017

Friday's Faces From the Past

Do you know your cousins? Most everyone has grown up around cousins, but there are many new-found cousins we encounter in our genealogical research and genetic genealogy. Once we get far enough into our genealogy research, we will be faced with a list of cousins some will be first cousins, others will be of varying degrees of closeness to us. A cousin is a person belonging to the same extended family. So, they are our cousins regardless of the degrees of closeness. We share a common ancestor couple with them.

Just as our ancestors and relatives of long ago had a community of friends, acquaintances, and neighbors, we too have them. Because of the manner of travel, the community of the past were made up of people who lived near each other. Our community of today may be different - our fans may live across town or attend church in another area. These are the people who have an impact on our lives, friends, acquaintances, and neighbors.These are people who are there for us when we need them.

The photo of Alice Lee, Unknown man, and Ollie Landrum was shared by a second cousin with the Family Facebook Group on our Facebook page. Grandmother Alice Lee Eley was a a young woman, when this photo was taken. The two other people in the photo were her family friends. Alice’s brother, Uncle Bob Lee, married Leakie Landrum, Ollie’s sister. The families were close to each other living in West Carroll Parish. There have been pictures shared with the group of Granny (Alice Lee Eley) and Aunt Leakie Landrum Lee. They stayed close until their deaths. Uncle Bob Lee Aunt Leakie's husband and Alice's youngest brother died in 1941 in West Carroll Parish. Even after Uncle Bob died Granny and Aunt Leakie remained close.

The unidentified man is a mystery man to me and my cousin who shared the photo. I would love to know who he is, but I don’t have a clue. Possibly the unidentified man is James Benard Landrum. I compared him to a picture when he would be older and there is a remarkable resemblance. But I won't know for sure unless a descendant of the person comes across this blog and recognizes him and identifies him.

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