Monday, August 29, 2016

Mystery Monday: What Happened to Joe Blunt, Jr.?

Joe Jr. is missing from the 1910, 1930, and 1940  Pike County, Mississippi Censuses. I searched the surrounding counties, but he wasn’t listed on them. I broadened the search and found a Joe Blunt living in Louisiana.

W. G. “Willie” Blunt and Mary Lavenia “Venie” Ramsey were married 5 Apr 1893 in Pike County, Mississippi.

By 1900 Mary Lavenia was the mother of three children with one living child Joe age five. Joe was not found on the 1910 census with his mother. I began to search for him on the 1910 census in Pike County and surrounding counties. Where was he in 1910? He would have been about sixteen years old. He wasn’t oldest enough to join the military. So, where could he be? Living with relatives? Was he put in an orphanage? An Institution? Did he die at a young age? 

Well, I know he didn't die because I found him on the 1920 Beat 3, Pike County, Mississippi Census married living in Pike County, Mississippi living near Venie's parents, Asa and Eliza Jane Ramsey. 

I don’t have Ardella’s maiden name or I could look for him living with her family. 

Venie died suddenly sometime after the 1920 census but before the 1930 census was taken. Some of the children are accounted for after her death; however, Joe Jr. is one that I don't know what happened to him or where he went after his mother died. 

I continued the search for Joe Jr. and found a Joe Blunt living in Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana as a lodger. He is listed as single and is forty-one years old born in Mississippi, and his parents were born in Mississippi. The age doesn’t match his birth date, Dec 1894 so further research needed to verify Joe, Blunt, Jr. son of W. G. “Willie” and Mary Lavenia “Venie” Blunt. 

I will continue my research for Joe Blunt, Jr. half brother of mother, and hopefully find him. It is a mystery to me as to what could have happened to Joe, Jr. He lost is entire family after Venie died, because they all migrated to Louisiana and Arkansas about 1928. His grandparents, Asa died 19 Sep 1929 and Eliza Jane (Burnett) Ramsey died 1933.  

Happy hunting!


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