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The Giessendanner Record

Births and Marriage Records of the Kuhn Family

The Giessendanner Record is a book of births and marriages. The Book contains names of all those who were married or baptized by John Ulrick Giessendanner, Minister. 

There are entries for Caspar, his second wife Barbara Ernst, Caspar’s three sons – John Adam, John Conrad, and John Lewis Kuhn.

The following show the entries for each of the Kuhn family members.

(7) On Thursday, June 28th in the House of these married person by Ditto: Casper Kuhn and Anna Barbara Ernst, late wife of George Adam Ernst, of this Township, deceased; Being present: Valentine Yutzy, John Fritchman, John Friday Jun. etc. etc. p. 112. 

The following entry for John Adam, John Conrad and John Lewis Kuhn sons of Caspar and Anna Maria Kuhn in the Giessendanner Records. The list is found in the History of Orangburg County, South Carolina.

(266) On Easter, Monday March 31st

John Adam, Son of Caspar & Anna Maria Kuhn; born August 12th 1754. Suscep, John & Susannah Friday, & Adam Snell. P.153.

(349) On Sunday September 19th in Orangeburg Church John Conrad, Son of Caspar & Anna Maria Kuhn; born April 16th 1756. Suret: Hans, Ulrick Dantzler, Conrad Hungerbiller, and Christina, Barbara wife of John Jacob Hungerbiller. P. 164.

(433) On Sunday November 20th in Orangeburgh Church – John Lewis, Son of Caspar & Anna Maria Kuhn; born September 24th 1757. Suret: Lewis & Elizabeth Golsen & Peter Stehely. Pp. 172-173.
The last entry for the Kuhn family in the Giessendanner Record is for Caspar’s wife Ann Barbara.

(9) On Wednesday January 2d 1750/1. 

Was entered in the Church yard of Orangeburgh the Body of Anna Barbara wife of Caspar Kuhn of this Township. She dyed after one Days Illness on Monday night December 31st aged-------. P. 195. 

Salley, A. S., Jr., The History of Orangeburg County, South Carolina, Baltimore, Regional Publishing Company, 1969. Chapter II, “The Giessendanner Record,” pp. 112, 153, 164,172-173, 195.

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