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More Coon Hunting:  John Conrad Kuhn

Up to this point in researching my ancestors, Tennessee is one of the states that my ancestors passed by; therefore, I haven’t researched in Tennessee. That all changed with Caspar Kuhn’s son John Conrad Kuhn. Conrad was one of Caspar’s children that very little information was found about him. Thanks to records that are being placed online at a fast pace, there is now information on this elusive Kuhn ancestor. John Conrad Coon now is a recognized and known son of Caspar and wife Anna Maria Kuhn (Coon). Conrad was the third son of Caspar Kuhn, and Caspar emigrated to South Carolina about 1749 and died in Richland County, South Carolina. So, how did Conrad end up in Tennessee. There haven’t been family stories of Conrad Kuhn as to why he left his home state of South Carolina to live in Davidson County, Tennessee; however, there are a few things that could have drawn him there, but one that most likely drew him to that area was free land. Conrad was a veteran of the Revolutionary War, and veterans of the war were rewarded with free land in Tennessee.

Conrad Kuhn was born about 1756 in Amelia Township, Orangeburg, South Carolina. He lived a long and probably productive life. He died 11 March 1843 in Davidson County, Tennessee. When I analyzed the tax records for Conrad my thoughts were that he wasn't a man of wealth. There is no record of him owning land. One would wonder if maybe he left for Davidson County, Tennessee following one of his children there. Simon his son married Delilah Binkley. When I looked for Simon in the censuses there were quite a lot of Binkley males as head of the house on the censuses. Unless more records are put online and family stories emerge one will not know why Conrad moved to Tennessee.

Agnes Hunt Conrad’s wife according to family trees was born in Franklin County, North Carolina; however, there were no sources to prove that, so that is just an assumption for now. But that is a place to look for a Hunt with a daughter in the age range of Agnes.

The children of Conrad and Agnes were married in Davidson County, Tennessee and there were marriage records for all for the children except William Coon. Thanks to sourced online family trees these guided me to the marriage records for the children. Their marriages were proven using those records. Then, I went to census records and looked for the couple on census records. These searches were fruitful.

The John Conrad Coon family now has their rightful place in my family tree. Coon hunting continues on this family.

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