Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Wordless Wednesday

The Morris Coon and Esters Eley Families

In the middle in uniform is Uncle George Coon. To his left is Uncle Morris Coon, Dorothy Holton, Daddy's niece, Bobby Coon in the car. In front of Bobby is Mary Alice Coon, Ruby, Eley and David Coon. Standing beside Uncle George is Daddy, Mother holding Esther, Mother holding Kathryn. in front of Uncle George is Polly, Mary to right of Polly and Jean. Buddy is in front kneeling. This picture was taken by Aunt Irma Eley Coon circa 1940. Morris and George are brothers to Alma (Mother). Uncle Morris's wife Irma was Esters' sister. This photo is from my private photo collection. My cousin in Texas, Mary Alice Coon sent this to me two years ago. It is one of only two photos of my parents when they were young. 

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