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Sibling Saturday

The Last of the Lost Blunt Children:  Mamie Blunt

The last of the four Blunt children Mamie Blunt, was finally located after hours of researching and looking in various locations. My quest to find mother’s half siblings after the death of their mother in about 1923 in Lincoln County, Mississippi is coming to an end with the recent find of Mamie Blunt. Joe, Jr., Luther, Julia, and now Mamie will have their rightful place in the family tree of W. G. Blunt and Mary Lavenia Ramsey.

Grandmother died suddenly and unexpectedly about 1923 in a hospital according to the story Clifton Columbus Coon told to mother. The death of grandmother Coon is a mystery and future research may eventually uncover the cause of her death and the actual death date and place.  Grandmother’s first husband died and left her with these children; however, she married about 1908 in Brookhaven, Lincoln County, Mississippi Clifton Coon. There are very few records for this family in Mississippi, and Chicot County, Arkansas; however, I will take the ones that I did find and glean information about the family from them. More research for the marriage record is needed. Also, the death record possibly is recorded in Louisiana, so I will try to order a copy of the death certificate for Aunt Mamie. There isn't a probate record for Aunt Mamie nor Uncle Ed. However, I knew this family personally, and she is mother's half sibling. Aunt Mamie and Uncle Ed most likely married in Mississippi since their first child was born in Mississippi. Therefore, a trip to the courthouse in Lincoln and Pike Counties is in my future plans. 
First on the 1900 District 109, Beat 3, Pike County, Mississippi is Willie Blunt, with his wife Venie, and the sole surviving child, Joe. Willie was born Oct 1870, Venie was born Nov 1876, and Joe was born Dec 1874. They all were born in Mississippi. Willie and Venie had been married seven years and had three children with one surviving. 

On the 1910 District 87, Beat 3, Lincoln County, Mississippi census Venie is married to Clifton Coon and she is listed as Mary L. By 1910 Joe, Jr. would be about sixteen years old; however, he isn’t on this census with grandmother, her husband, her children Luther, Julia, Mammie, Clifton’s son Roan, and Clifton and Mary’s son Morris. Mamie is three years old on this census.

The next census is the 1920 District 92, Ruth Precinct, Lincoln County, Mississippi has Grandmother Venie with all the children, but Clifton is missing from the census with his family. After extensive searching Clifton was found living in another county as a boarder and stated he was a wd (widower). Why would he state that? Why is he leave his family and live in another county? Why isn’t he with his family and helping take care of them? These are all questions that further research is needed to answer.

By 1930 the lives of this family has changed dramatically. Little did the children know that when they were all together on the 1920 census, that would be the last time they would be together with their mother. They would go in different locations and pick up their lives in a new area. Clifton had migrated with some of the children to West Carroll Parish. Mamie was married by 1930 and is listed with her husband Ed Ethridge and their three children; Helen age four, Dorothy Lee, age two, Calvin Edgar, seven months. Helen was born about 1924 in Mississippi. Dorothy Lee was born 15 Mar 1924 in Eudora, Chicot County, Arkansas. Calvin Edgar was born 31 Mar 1929 in Louisiana.

Mamie and her family were found living in Chicot County, Arkansas on April 1, 1940, and she has seven children listed on the census with her and her husband Edd Ethridge. The four additional children are sons E. B., James Robert, Donald Craig, and Billy Eugene. Uncle Edd’s occupation was labor and he was working on a road project. Aunt Mamie was thirty-three years old on this census. Her work was housework.

Mamie was the last of the Blunt siblings who was on the move after the death of their mother Mary Lavenia (Ramsey) Blunt. She and her family were last listed on the 1940 census living in Chicot County; however, I know from my growing up years that Aunt Mamie and her family lived in Lake Providence, East Carroll Parish, Louisiana and that is where they both died.  Aunt Mamie died 1961 in Lake Providence in East Carroll Parish, Louisiana

According to the post on Findagrave Mamie Blunt Etheridge is interred in the Lake Providence Cemetery, in East Carroll Parish, Louisiana; however, this hasn't been verified by this blogger. Mother and her sister Essie took this picture years ago when they went to the cemetery. My cousin sent this photo recently and there wasn't information about the place of interment. The Louisiana Statewide Death Index shows that she died in Ouachita Parish, Louisiana the 5 September 1961. 

My memories of Aunt Mamie are that she was a dear kind lady. She was mother's half sister; however, I didn't know that until I began researching the Blunt/Coon family.  Mother always spoke fondly of her sister. Our family visited them in Lake Providence. Aunt Mamie now has her place with her siblings in the family tree. 

More research is needed on this family and eventually trips to Lincoln and Pike Counties, East Carroll Parish, Courthouse and Chicot County, Arkansas Courthouse is in the future plans. But for now, I am happy to have found Aunt Mamie and her family; and  I have placed them in the family tree.

My cousin Mary Alice sent me the photo of Aunt Mamie's headstone last year. I am grateful for for her sharing her photos with me.  

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