Monday, September 5, 2016

Matrilineal Matriarch Monday

Eliza Jane Burnett

The Burnett family is one that I stumbled across as I was researching my maternal family line of Ramsey.  Asa M. Ramsey was married to Eliza Jane and her last name was unknown. The surname of my great grandmother was elusive and my cousins didn’t know her surname either. Mother was deceased and all her siblings were deceased, so there was no one to ask about Asa and his wife Eliza Jane. I had looked for any connection or hints as to what her last name was since I started researching family fifteen years ago.

But there wasn’t a breakthrough. Then one day I decided to do a Google search for Asa M. Ramsey born 1849 in Missouri and his wife Eliza Jane. I had used Google for searches of elusive family members before, but her name hadn’t come up in the search results. This search was different. Someone had posted a family tree online and that came up in the search results. Bingo! When I looked through the chart there was Asa Martin Ramsey married to Eliza Jane Burnett.  I have found the last name of my maternal great grandmother. This clue opened up this family line and I found census records with Eliza Jane and Asa on them. Eliza Jane was living with her mother and siblings on the 1960 Holmesville, Pike County, Mississippi census. Sharing our research with others is a vital part of genealogical research.

The research on the Burnett line has taken me back to Virginia to the Old Rappahannock area, and beyond.  The three volume book by June Bork on the Burnetts and Their Connections is a resource that I have used to guide me in my research. As with any resource you use that as a guide but you verify the information for your particular ancestor with all available records and by doing a thorough search of the ancestor. I have DNA tested with all three testing companies, Family Tree DNA, Ancestry DNA and 23andMe, and have several Burnett matches When I was confident this was my ancestor then I added her to my family tree along with Asa Martin Ramsey.

Eliza was born Jul 1854 in Pricedale, Pike County, Mississippi and died 1933 in Pike County, Mississippi. ■

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