Saturday, February 18, 2017

Saturday's Sharing Tips

Sharing with Family 

Recently I had a descendant of Asa and Eliza Jane contact me. She had come across my blog and was happy to share Ramsey family information. That new found cousin sent me this picture of Maggie Lucinda Ramsey a great aunt of mine of whom I have never met.

Family history research is about sharing with others; and it isn't a hobby that we do in isolation. There is no fun family history if we don't share what we have with others. There may a family member who can't subscribe to Ancestry, or isn't able for whatever reason research online.  Family history is so much more fun when we share what we have with other family members. These are not just my ancestors and family, they are others families too. 

Everyone has something to share. It may be a family Bible, a family tree chart with ancestors information filled out on it, photos, a recipe from a family member, a journal, a document, a family story, or a treasure found in a grandparents attic. We all benefit in many ways by coming together with others and sharing our resources.

We all benefit when we reach out to others who are researching the family lines that we are researching. This blog is a tool that I set up to use to reach cousins and connect with them, and to share family information.

You can read about Maggie Lucinda Ramsey in the blog post here

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