Thursday, February 2, 2017

Thankful Thursday

Estate Papers for the Estate of Thomas Hodge

The volunteers who go to courthouses and copy probate records and all kinds of records do a service for the genealogy community. I am thankful for all volunteers who give of their time to make it possible for me to sit at my computer at home and research my ancestors. Without this volunteer service I would not be as successful in researching my ancestors. Thank you volunteers for making this possible. 

The image below is an Administration paper from the estate of Thomas Hodge. I have researched the Hodge line enough to know that Benjamin Hodge born circa 1752 in Richland District, South Carolina married Nancy Rains. Benjamin served in the American Revolution. There have been several ladies to apply for membership into the Daughters of the American Revolution using Benjamin Hodge as their patriot. Therefore, I was able to accessthe information from the application on the Genealogical Research System of the website. That is vital information in linking family members. 

I found in previous research that Benjamin Hodge was the father-in-law of a paternal third great grandfather Jordan Lee. Jordan married Lydia Hodge. While researching Jordan Lee and adding Lydia Hodge's name in the search box for spouse, records came up in the search results for Benjamin Hodge. When I looked through those records and the will for Benjamin, my daughter Lydia Lee was mentioned. That verified that she was the daughter of Benjamin Hodge and wife Nancy. Walla! I have the correct family. What a treasure that will was for this genealogist. 

This Administration paper for Thomas Hodge also has vital information.  It states that Thomas Hodge died intestate or he died without a will. So I need not look any further for a will for Thomas. Benjamin Hodge is the Administrator. There is a date on the paper; therefore this gives us an approximate death date. The place was Columbia, Richland District, South Carolina.

This is a good bit of information to further research on Thomas Hodge. 

There were sixteen pages to the estate papers for Thomas Hodge. The image below is from the sale papers. This shows a sale to Jordan Lee for one set of pewter plates for $2.50.  

When you look at page two of the sale, you will see the widow Anna there. Now I have the names of Benjamin Hodge's parents. In 2010 when I made a trip to the Family History Library in Salt Lake I found a record that showed Thomas Hodge  with Benjamin Hodge on the record, but I couldn't make the connection from son to father.

This was a goldmine of information in the estate papers. there were sixteen pages that included an administration bond signed by Benjamin Hodge, administration papers, account papers, petitions papers,  inventory, and sale papers,  Remember there wasn't a will because Thomas Hodge died without a will. 

This was all made possible because volunteers give their time to go to courthouses and repositories to make copies of records. Thank you volunteers for all that you do to make this possible for the genealogy community. 

Now,Thomas Hodge and Anna have their rightful place with their family. 
Source Database, Thomas Hodge, Richland, South Carolina, Wills, and Probate Records, 1670-1980, Estate Papers, Box 14, packages 326-350, 1799-1955. South Carolina County Court, Probate Place Richland, South Carolina. 

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