Wednesday, February 15, 2017

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Shared Ancestor Hints

I have DNA tested with all three testing companies, tested ten family members with Family Tree DNA, and a sister also tested with Ancestry DNA. DNA testing and genealogical research is a hobby that I enjoy tremendously. And the testing companies have a way of keeping me interested by sending out persuasive emails. Such was the case with an email that I received from Ancestry DNA recently. The email stated, “Look and see what we have uncovered. Go now. Ancestry DNA.” The other part of the email stated, “See what we’ve found in Ancestry DNA results for you. You and a DNA match have the same ancestor in your trees.” That really got my attention. Those shared ancestor hints on Ancestry are so inviting and difficult for me to ignore. So, I went to the Shared Ancestor Hint and was happy when I saw the possible common ancestors.

There are two hundred shared ancestor hints on my DNA matches. That isn’t a lot, but enough to distract me for a while. Shared ancestor hints are Ancestry hints provided in the shared matches list who presumably share DNA with me and we have a common ancestor. If I am lucky, I can look at the person’s tree and see our common ancestor’s name and information, and usually the ancestor’s descendants are listed.

The person of whom I share an ancestor is a fourth cousin once removed DNA match per Ancestry relationship prediction. The two of us share enough DNA that we are possibly related; and we have the same ancestor in our family trees. Shared ancestor Hints are derived from family tree comparisons.

The shared ancestor hint on Ancestry DNA showed there were three of the shared ancestor hints. Of the three shared ancestor hints, two were for different great grandparents and one for another set of fourth great grandparents. One shared ancestor was Penelope “Penny” Teal a paternal third great grandmother. Another was a shared ancestor hint for William Carmack and Pency Kent third great grandparents. The third was as a shared ancestor hint for Levi Kent and Kessiah Wadsworth, fourth great grandparents; and parents of Pency Kent. I have researched the Wideman/Teal, Carmack/Kent/, and Kent/Wadsworth paternal family lines therefore I am familiar with them and their children. Now I will need to contact this new-found cousin and if she is willing, share information with her.

One thing that I noticed when I looked at the person’s tree, is that the Kent family and the Wideman family are connected. Henry Wideman and Penny Teal Wideman had a son James Henry who married Annie Frances Thompson. Their daughter Olivia Virginia married Solomon Madison Land. Their daughter Myrtis Narcissus Land married William Thomas Kent. Is it possible that we share DNA from the Wideman/Teal ancestors and Kent ancestor? Well, anything is possible.

It showed 10.9 centimorgans that we share across 1 DNA segment. This is a low confidence level for me and the likelihood of a single recent common ancestor is 15-50%. I looked at the amount of shared DNA.

I have compared the information about the shared ancestor in our trees. Since I have researched the ancestors previously they are already in my family tree. The next plan is to go to 23andMe and Family Tree DNA and see if this person also tested with those two companies. Also, look for matches to the families of our common ancestor.   

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