Saturday, February 4, 2017

Surname Saturday

The Lee Family from
Richland District, South Carolina

Who are the parents of Jordan Lee born circa 1778 probably in Richland, South Carolina? That is the question that has gone unanswered far too long. This family historian has utilized every research tip and trick that can be found in books, webinars, and numerous other resources to link Jordan Lee to parents; however, this may be one of those ancestors whose parentage may never be known. Because there are very few records left for the period that I am researching – 1778 to 1848 the Lee family has been a challenge to research  . The only records that I have to rely on are census records and land records. 

I have taken the 1800-1830 Richland County censuses and meticulously gone through page by page of those censuses looking for any Lee head of house. Jordan Lee is on the 1820-1830 Richland District, South Carolina censuses. His father-in-law Benjamin Hodge is living nearby on all those censuses. However, the only other Lee men were a Jesse Lee, Timothy Lee and on the 1800 Kershaw, South Carolina census was a Thomas Lee in the age 16-25 category. He was the only Lee person in that household on that census. Assuming Jordan Lee was born circa 1778 the age would be the right age for Jordan Lee; however, he supposedly married Lydia Hodge about 1805. So, where is Lydia? And they had children. The ages and dates just don't add up that he could be Jordan Lee a third great grandfather.

1810 Richland District, South Carolina

 1820 Richland District, South Carolina

 1830 Richland District, South Carolina

On the 1840 census, there is a Jourdan Lee living in Tallapoosa County, Alabama. Also, on the page before Jordan is Benj. Lee with one male under 5 and a male 20-30 age category. In the female age category, there was one under five and one in the 20-30 range. This would work for being Benjamin a son of Jordan and Lydia. Over to the right on the census a few pages is a B. Lee. The age category for him and those with the tick marks would work for Burrell the son of Jordan Lee. Jordan Lee acquired 40.14 acres of land 1 June 1845 in Tallapoosa County that was a cash sale entry. A few pages after Jordan Lee is William Pate living in the area. Burrell Lee married a Pate. This Pate may be connected to Burrell’s wife. With the circumstantial evidence on this census this is likely Jordan Lee, his two sons Benjamin and Burrell.

1840 Tallapoosa County, Alabama

I have taken the 1790 Fairfield District, South Carolina census and looked page by page for a Lee male head of house. I found Benjamin Hodge and Thomas Hodge on this census. I didn't find a Lee.

1790 Fairfield District, South Carolina

The 1790 Richland District, South Carolina census had one Lee a female Mary Lee as head of house. There were three males under 16 and four free white females with a total of household members seven. Looking at the age category for three males under 16, one of those males could be Jordan Lee. He was born circa 1778 probably in South Carolina.

The search for the parents of Jordan Lee yielded no results. But the genealogical quest continues. 

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