Sunday, October 2, 2016

Census Sunday

1900, 1910, 1930, and 1940 Censuses:  Robert E. Lee

In my post for Sibling Saturday I wrote about Robert E. Lee grand uncle, and the brother of Granny Eley. Uncle Bob was first listed on the 1900 Channahatchee, Elmore County, Alabama census. The family migrated to Louisiana about 1904 and is living in with his parents and sister in District 53, Ward 1, Jackson Parish, Louisiana in 1910. Living nearby them are his sister Dolly and her family, and his oldest brother James Washington and his family.
Researching the Lee family in 1920 has proven to be a tireless venture that was all done in vain. The Lees just aren’t on the 1920 census in Louisiana. I couldn’t understand why they would not be have on the 1920 census. They were missed on the 1920 census. Possibly they were moving when the census taker came by their house. Emma, Uncle Bob’s mother died November 11, 1920, so she could have been sick or in the hospital; and her family was with her. Uncle Bob and Aunt Leakey had nine children with seven being born between censuses. On February 14, 1914 Robert E. Lee purchased eighty acres of land from the Frank Janes Company Limited in West Carroll Parish, Louisiana. The Lee family was very busy before the 1920 census. Whatever the reason, the Lee family isn’t on the 1920 Louisiana census. However, they are on the 1930 census.
Bob E. Lee, Leakey, Willie, Houston, Ornal, Woodroe, Marvin, Elma, Lela Boyte their daughter, and Estus Eley his nephew is living in District 6, Ward 4, West Carroll Parish, Louisiana. Uncle Bob’s occupation is listed as farming on the censuses.
Finally, in 1940 R. E. Lee, Leakey, Woodrow, Marvin, and Elma are living West Carroll Parish, Louisiana. The other children are old enough to be married and living on their own. Robert and Leakey owned their home which was valued at four hundred dollars, and he is still farming. 

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