Monday, October 3, 2016

Mystery Monday

The Lee Family Migration Trail
The Lee and Edward families left Alabama for Louisiana about 1904. Why did they leave Alabama? I have my theory, but I am not ready to reveal the reasons just yet. Daddy told the story of why they left; however, when the right time comes too reveal his story and it is proven with records then I will reveal it. So, I asked some questions. What happened that caused the Lee and Edwards families to leave their homes and settle in a new area? Who did they know living in Jackson Parish, Louisiana that brought them there? Did they have family who migrated ahead of them and settle in Jackson Parish? The Lee and Edwards families lived there briefly then were on the move again. The Edwards returned to Alabama about 1912. Why were the Edwards moving so frequently? Why leave and return to Alabama? William Alfred, Emma, Alice, Robert, his wife and children, and James W. all left and moved to West Carroll Parish? Robert E. Lee bought land in West Carroll Parish in 1914. I continue researching to find out if William Alfred Lee, father of Robert E., purchased land in Jackson Parish. I searched the records at the West Carroll Parish Courthouse but didn’t find any land records; however, I plan to make a trip over there and take another look for those records.
Robert purchased eighty acres of land from Frank Janes in West Carroll Parish. How did Frank Janes acquire the land? The Janes were immigrants from Austria so what port did they come into when arriving in America? They immigrated in 1906 and I found them living in Alabama before leaving for Louisiana. When did he acquire eighty acres? The Janes migrated from Alabama to West Carroll Parish; and Mrs. John Janes three sons are listed on the 1910 census. Another Lee, Lovard Lee, Jr.  received one hundred twenty acres of bounty land from the government for his service in the Creek War. Lovard served as a private in Captain Wites Company, Alabama in the Militia Creek War. His land is near Robert’s land in West Carroll Parish.  Lovard didn’t live in West Carroll Parish; however, he either gave the land to Annie L. Gayle and Walter D. Mcindoe or sold the land to them. More research on those two people is needed to acquire further information and determine who they are and how they acquired the land.  A Military Warrant for one hundred twenty and fifteen one hundredth acres were given August 15, 1860 to Lovard Lee of Alabama. The mystery is, “Who is Louvard Lee, Jr.?” Is Lovard Lee, Jr. connected to William Alfred Lee’s family? If so how? Where did he come from?
There are definitely more questions than answers at this moment in researching the Lee family. So, research on the Lee family continues. ■

Land warrant for Louvard Lee, Jr. Alabama
Image from the Bureau of Land Management

Image from the  Bureau of Land Management

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