Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Wishful Wednesday

Wallace Ramsey

On this the 26 Oct 2016, my wish is that I could find a male descendant of Wallace Ramsey who would be willing to submit his DNA for a YDNA 67 Marker test. The Ramsey familial lineage has been one of my difficult families to identify the progenitor. There are several John Ramsey who have married a woman named Mary, and as of this date I haven’t linked John Scott Ramsey to his parents. There isn’t a will, probate record or birth record that I have found that would link child to parents. The DNA test possibly would be helpful in connecting with others who have researched this line. The search continues and I will continue researching siblings, aunts, uncles, friends, neighbors, and acquaintances to try and connect to the progenitor of the Ramsey family.

Five years ago, when I was a member of the Family Tree Ramsey DNA Project I contacted a male Ramsey cousin and spoke with his wife. I explained to her who I was and explained that her husband and I are cousins. I shared with her how I am family genealogists and I am researching the Ramsey family line. I would like for a male Ramsey cousin to volunteer to submit their DNA for the YDNA test and her husband is a cousin. I explained to her that I wasn’t trying to prove anything about her husband and didn’t want anything from him. All that I was interested in was proving the Ramsey family line back to Virginia, and I wanted to make sure that I have the correct family.

After talking with my Ramsey cousin’s wife, she said she would tell him. Later after another phone call to her, she said he would be happy to take the DNA test. So, I ordered the YDNA test kit and had it sent to my male Ramsey cousin. Six weeks later the test had not been sent back to Family Tree DNA. Then, three months later the test wasn’t sent back in to Family Tree DNA Testing Company. During this time, I had tried unsuccessfully to contact the Ramsey cousin, but he wouldn’t respond to emails or phone calls. After several unsuccessful attempts to contact him, I finally realized that he wants to be a part of finding our Ramsey ancestors and wasn’t going to submit the DNA test for testing. That was a very disappointing “blow” to me, because I thought this was going to help me in finding my Ramsey line. However, it didn’t happen and I marked this experience down in “lesson learned book.” This woman was probably concerned her husband might have an illegitimate child out there somewhere and she didn’t want to know about it. But I wasn’t trying to prove that, I only want to prove my maternal Ramsey familial lineage.

Wallace Ramsey was the son of Asa Martin Ramsey and his wife Eliza Jane. Wallace was born 27 Apr 1889 in Holmesville, Pike County, Mississippi. Wallace was the fifth child born to Eliza Jane, and was a twin of Maggie Lucinda Ramsey. Which one was born first Maggie or Wallace, I will never know. The 1900 District 109, Beat 3, Pike County census has Wallace is eleven years old and is listed before Maggie his twin sister, so maybe he was born first. Under education on the census there was a section that stated attended school in monthly and it shows that Wallace attended school six months, and he can read and write. Wallace’s father Asa M. Ramsey’s place of birth was Missouri and his mother Jane’s place of birth was Mississippi.

Again, on the 1910 District 101, Beat 3, Pike County census Wallace is listed first on that census. On the 1910 census Wallace is twenty years old, single, and living with his parents and siblings. He worked odd jobs and was out of work ten weeks. It also shows that Asa was a survivor of the Confederate Army. I haven’t found Wallace on the 1920 census possibly he was in the service when the census was taken. Kate was living at home with her parents in 1920, and was single at the taking of the 1920 census. The estimated marriage date for Wallace and Kate is about 1920. Their first child was born in 1924, and Wallace and Kate were probably married prior to the birth of their first child.

Per his World War 1 Draft Registration Card R Wallace was tall, slender, had blue eyes, red hair and had no disabilities. He signed up for the draft in Oktibbeha county, Mississippi, and he was twenty-eight years old at the time he signed up for this draft. He served in Branch 1 of the Army.

Wallace Ramsey's World War I Draft Registration Card R.
Wallace Ramsey's physical description.

The estimated marriage date for Wallace and Kate is about 1920. Their first child was born in 1924, and Wallace and Kate were probably married prior to the birth of their first child. On the 1930 District 6, Beat 3, Pike County census Wallace was shown that he was thirty years old at his first marriage when asked age at first marriage. He was forty years old on the 1930 census, therefore I conclude he was married about 1920. Kate was twenty-eight on the 1930 census and she stated she was eighteen years old when asked age at first marriage. Wallace owned his home, and there were two children Estelle age six and Mary age two, and his mother-in-law Mrs. Fannie Cochran age fifty-nine. He was a veteran in the World War. He was a farmer and owned his farm.

By 1940 Wallace was working as a a brick mason for the State Park in government work. His wages, or salary that he received was four hundred and thirty-two dollars. He received more than fifty dollars from sources other than money, wages, or salary. He was still living in Pike County, Mississippi, and was fifty years old living with Kate, Estelle, Mary, his daughters, and his son Paul. His two brothers Henry and Percy ages fifty-three and forty-eight were living in the household. Estelle was now a teenager sixteen years old, and Mary was twelve, Paul was eight years old. Wallace completed the eighth grade.

In May 3, 1918 Wallace enlisted in the Army and was released July 3, 1919. Wallace Ramsey died in Pricedale, Pike County, Mississippi August 6, 1972 and is buried in the Calvary Cemetery in Pricedale, Pike County, Mississippi. I would like to know why he was release a year after enlisting. Was he sick? Was he injured? What was going on that he was released after a year of service?

Wallace Ramsey enlistment date and release date.

Wallace Ramsey place of burial; name of cemetery.  

Wallace Ramsey burial place town, county, and state. 

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