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Sibling Saturday

Robert E. Lee

Robert E. Lee circa 1930
You hear the name of an individual and the stories about that individual many times, then you began to think that you know that him personally. That was the way it was with the name “Uncle Bob Lee” as I grew up in West Carroll Parish.  Daddy told stories of his Uncle Bob Lee, his mother’s brother; and when Daddy was just a lad Uncle Bob “took care of him.” I knew Uncle Bob’s wife Leakey, because our family visited her often on Lee Farm.

I can imagine that Daddy was well taken care of by the two; Aunt Leakey was a compassionate person. She was a soft spoken and gentle lady. My sister, brother and I played on her front porch many times on our visits to Lee Farm. Even though I didn’t personally know Uncle Bob, he most likely taught Daddy farming skills, and how to use his hands in wood carving, and carpentry.

Daddy is living in the Bob E. Lee household on the 1930 census. They were living in Ward 4, West Carroll Parish, Louisiana. Who is Bob Lee or Robert E. Lee and how does he connect to Esters Eley?  Robert E. Lee was the youngest son of William Alfred and Emma Lee. Uncle Bob as he was known by family, was Granny (Alice Lee) Eley’s youngest brother and one that she was close too.  Uncle Bob Lee was a farmer and he owned Lee Farm. So Daddy would have been a valuable worker for him on his farm. Daddy was twenty-one years old on the 1930 census.

Robert E. Lee was born September 5, 1882 in Alexander City, Tallapoosa County, Alabama. He died December 11, 1941 Oak Grove, West Carroll Parish, Louisiana.  He was my great uncle. Uncle Bob is buried in Oak Grove Cemetery, West Carroll Parish, Louisiana along beside his wife of thirty-six year Leakey Ann (Landrum) Lee.

Uncle Bob and Aunt Leakey were married January 1, 1905 in Ouachita Parish, Louisiana. They had nine children:   Willie Alford “Bill” Lee 1907 – 1972; Robert Houston 1912-1976; Arnold George 1914-1986; Woodroe 1919-1994; Marvin 1924-1996; Elma 1926-1977; Lela; Richard Lee 1917-1922. One child of Aunt Leakey and Uncle Bob's, a daughter, died at the age of one. Aunt Leakey was born February 6, 1887 in Ouachita Parish, Louisiana and died April 22, 1962. 

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