Monday, October 17, 2016

Mystery Monday

Florence A. Ramsey

The Ramsey family has been one of the most difficult families to research. Everything went along smoothly researching Mary Lavenia Ramsey my maternal grandmother. Her father Asa Martin Ramsey was more difficult to find; however, once I overcame obstacles that basically I created, then I was able to link him to his daughter.

Mother had given me tidbits of information on her mother such as her name Mary Lavenia "Venie" Ramsey; death information, such as mother was three years old when her mother died; her birth place was Pricedale, Pike County, Mississippi. However, Mother didn’t give me information on her Grandfather Ramsey.  I assumed he was born in Mississippi since that is where all Mother’s family lived. That was obstacle number one; assuming Grandfather Ramsey was born in Mississippi instead of Missouri.

I was new to genealogy and family history, and had researched the Ramsey familial lineage from the beginning of my new venture into family history research.  Ace Ramsey was an ancestor that had been right in front of me for five years, but I didn't see him.  One day after going back over previous research for Ace Ramsey aka Asa M. Ramsy, aka Aaron M. Ramsey, I realized this is one and the same person. I was enlightened at that moment on the importance of starting at the beginning of research and look carefully at all the information on records for an ancestor.

Once I overcame these obstacles research on the Asa Martin Ramsey family moved forward.  Asa and Eliza Jane have seven known children. Florence A. is the oldest of those seven children. She was born January 1875 in Pike County, Mississippi. Florence is listed as F. A. on the 1880 Pike County, Mississippi Census. On the 1900 Pike County census she is listed as Florence A. What happened to her after 1900 is a mystery.  She isn’t on the 1910 census with the other family members. She could have got married, but I looked for her living nearby her family and she wasn’t there. She isn’t showing up as being married on family trees on Ancestry.   If she married she could have moved to another county. If that happened, it will be difficult to locate her. One day I would like to take a trip to the courthouse in Pike County and look through the records there. I will continue to look for Florence A. Ramsey and maybe she will eventually show up.

The search will continue for Florence A. Ramsey oldest child of Asa Martin Ramsey and wife Eliza Jane Burnett Ramsey of Pike County, Mississippi. ■

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