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Census Sunday

Dolly Ophelia Eley
Census records are an important record in researching the Eley family in West Carroll Parish, located in the eastern section of Louisiana. West Carroll was an agricultural area. This family was not a trail blazer or a world changer. They just lived and survived each day the best they could. Dolly’s father Jackson Lawrence Eley signed up for the draft, because that was required of eighteen-year-old, but he wasn’t a veteran. There are few records for the Eley family except census and marriage records. Only because it was difficult to miss the census taker, and marriages were required. There are no probate records, and church records for the family. However, the family didn’t escape the census taker in 1930; therefore, they are on that census. 

Dolly was on the 1930 Ward 3, West Carroll Parish, Louisiana census living at home with her parents Jackson Lawrence Eley, Alice and siblings, Irma K., Ellen, Robert L., Gladys, and a lodger Frank Bartlett. Dolly O. was sixteen years old, single, in school, could read and write, wasn’t working, and was born in Louisiana. Her father was born in Arkansas and her mother was born in Alabama.
1930 United States Federal Census District 3, Ward 3,
West Carroll Parish, Louisiana

Dolly lived on a farm in rural West Carroll Parish to 1938 or 1939 then she moved. Dolly grew up by the time the 1940 census was taken and had moved on. By the time the 1940 census was taken she was twenty-five years old, married and had a child. Life had changed dramatically for that country girl. She left her parents and siblings and moved out of state.
1940 United States Federal Census Simpson County, Mississippi
The 1940 Federal Census for Simpson County, Mississippi shows Dolly married to Harvey Hall and has a daughter Bobbie Jean age two. Dolly Ophelia Eley completed the seventh grade. Dolly Ophelia Eley and Harvey Howard Hall married in Oak Grove, West Carroll Parish, Louisiana 18 April 1937. Their families at that time were living in Pioneer Village. Harvey’s parents are living by him and his wife in Simpson County so they migrated back to his home state of Mississippi. Frank Bartlett the lodger from 1930 census was living nearby the Hall family; therefore, he was connected to that family some way. His wife was possibly being a sister to Harvey. Harvey Hall was working though in 1940 as a storekeeper and working on his own account. The week before the census was taken he worked sixty hours. He owned the store.

Dollie Ophelia Eley Hall died in Mount Olive, Covington County, Mississippi 11 August 1990.
Dollie Ophelia Eley Hall died 11 August 1990 in
Mount Olive,Covington County,  Mississippi. 
Marriage License for Harvey Hall and Dollie Eley.
The marriage record is on file in the West Carroll Parish
 Courthouse in Oak Grove, Louisiana. Marriage Book G Page 524. 

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