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Sunday’s Colonial Ancestor

Daniel Meadows

There are several spelling variations for the surname Meadows, however the one thing that has been consistent is the spelling of Meadows. Emma Meadows’ familial surname from her birth to Daniel Meadows 1685 has been spelled Meadows. The progenitor of the Emma Meadows family is Daniel Meadows born about 1685 possibly Bristol Parish, Prince George, Virginia. The Daniel Meadows line is the Meadows familial lineage that Emma descends from. The Meadows direct line ancestors of Emma Meadows per DNA testing were from England originally. Research of this Meadows lineage has shown they settled in Prince George County in Virginia. They eventually moved on to North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana and parts unknown. Daniel Meadows' wife was Jane. Jane’s parentage is unknown. Daniel married Jane and they had six children:  James, born circa 1730, John, Daniel, William (unknown birth dates), Isham Meadows born 16 February 1740 in Bristol Parish, Prince George County, Virginia. Emma Meadows is descended from the Isham’s familial linage.

It is interesting to note that Daniel Meadows was a landowner and tailor as stated on the deed dated 11 August 1712. Daniel also was impaneled on a Grand Jury in Prince George County Court 10 November 1719. Research on Daniel Meadows prior to 1712 has been extensive and with meager results to prove anything. I was researching Daniel looking for records would show a connection to other Meader, Medo, Medow, or Medeaw families, that possibly would show where he learned his tailor’s skill, an apprenticeship with a sponsor, or guardianship papers but was unsuccessful in finding those records. Daniel was a yeoman or a person who owned a small estate and cultivated the land; a freeholder, a farmer. He was a laborer.

Prince George County, Virginia Wills & Deeds 1710-1713.
 Daniel Meadows bought about fifty acres of land from Peter Fairfax of Prince George County 11 August 1712.

This deed places Daniel Meadows in Prince George County in June 7, 1717. 

Benjamin b. Weisiger, III,  Prince George County, Virginia Wills & Deeds 1713-1728. p.171.
When Daniel Meadows was found lying not far from his home he was face up lying on his back. He was about seventy years old, and he apparently died from an act of God. not far from the Daniel died 7 April 1755 in Granville County, North Carolina. Looking at the records that was found in researching Daniel, he was an active man in throughout his life. Extensive research was done on Daniel Meadows looking for his parentage; however, to date they have not been identified. Many records were lost Daniel married Jane unknown, although I think he possibly was married to Jane Woodlief in Virginia; however, the maiden name of his spouse may never be known. While researching Daniel Meadows, he wasn’t connected to the other Meadows in Prince George County, Virginia or surrounding area. His place of birth is unknown now.  
            Coroner's Inquest of Daniel Medows Granville County, North Carolina
                 16 April 1755

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