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More About Untangling Ramsey, Blunt, and Coon Families

Asa Martin Ramsey and Eliza Jane Burnett married about 1873 in Pike County, Mississippi. Unable to find Asa Martin Ramsey on an 1870 census, the first census the couple is on is the 1880 census. Asa served in the War Between the States, therefore he possibly wasn't enumerated on the census for 1870. 

Asa was born in Ceytesville, Chariton County, Missouri February 28, 1849 to Narcissa Raymond Wingo and her husband George Henry Ramsey from Charlotte County, Virginia. Narcissa died January 2, 1856 after the birth of their last child. George Henry’s parents were John Scott Ramsey and Nancy Hazelwood from Charlotte County, Virginia. After the death of his beloved wife, George took the children and migrated to Fannin County, Texas. They were on the 1860 census in Fannin. The family left Texas and were headed to meet the Wingo family in Mississippi; however, that turned out to be a tragic mistake. When they arrived in the camp there was a disease and George became ill and died on August 31, 1962. This information per a Ramsey family member from Mississippi. Not long afterwards Asa was drafted into the War. He served his time made it through the war, then married Eliza Jane. Their first child Florence A. was born January 1875, then along came Mary Lavenia November 1876. Trying to reading the poor quality 1880 Pike County census was a challenge, but I found A. M. Ramsey and family. 

1880 District 39, Beat 3, Pike County, Mississippi Census with A. M. Ramsey, E. J., F. A. and M. L. 

1880 Third Beat, Pike County, Mississippi Census M. L. (Mary Lavenia) Ramsey age three years old. She is living with her father A. M. (Asa Martin) Ramsey, her mother E. J. (Eliza Jane) and her oldest sister F. A. (Florence Ann) Ramsey. Then by April 5, 1893 M. L. (Mary Lavenia) is married. Her spouse is W. G. Blunt of whom little is known. He died about 1906. She would have been fifteen years old at the time of her marriage in 1893.

Marriage record for M.L. Ramsey and W. G.Blunt

The 1900 District 109, Beat 3, Pike County, Mississippi Census Mary Lavenia "Venie" (Ramsey) Blunt is living with her husband  W. G. Blunt "Willie," and their five-year-old son Joe Blunt. Mary was the mother of three children, however one living child. Mary was 23 years old on this census. Mary and W. G. Blunt had been married seven years. 

 1900 District 109, Beat 3, Pike County, Mississippi with Willie Blunt, wife Venie, and son Joe.

On June 7, 1900 District 98, Mclendon, Lincoln County census Clifton Coon was eighteen years old, single and living with his sister Sarah Lentz and her family. Clifton married his first wife Missouri Cowart June 9, 1900 in Lincoln County, Mississippi.

1900 District 98, McClendon, Lincoln County, Mississippi Clifton Coon 
living with his sister and her family. 

Clifton Coon and Missouri Cowart Marriage

Changes have been made in Clifton Coon’s life by 1910. Clifton’s first marriage to Missouri has dissolved whether by divorce or by another means is unknown; however, he is shown with another wife and family on the 1910 census. Shown as Clifton (head) is Mary L. Coon. Mary L. is thirty-three years old. The relationships are named in the 1910 census; Mary L. is wife of Clifton Coon, a stepson Luther Coon age 7, Roan Coon a son age seven, daughters Jullie Coon age five and Mammie Coon age three, and son Morris Coon fifteen months old. They were living on Brookhaven Road.

Clifton Coon in 1910 living with wife Mary L. and children. 

Clifton is on the move again by 1920 and more changes in his life whether by choice, chance or divine appointment; he is found as a widower and living as a boarder with an Alexander family. He is thirty-eight years old and living in Marion County, Mississippi in District 113, Beat 1. Mary Lavenia, his wife and children are living in Pike County, Mississippi in 1920, and she states she is married; and the 1920 census is the last record Mary Lavenia was found on. After tracking down all the children and researching them the death date for Venie has been narrowed down to about 1924 in Pricedale, Pike County, Mississippi.

Clifton Coon living with an Alexander family in Marion County in 1920

Mary Lavenia "Venie" in 1920 with all the children 

Mary Lavenia Ramsey Blunt Coon was deceased by 1930. Clifton is off and moving again this time he is going West. The widower Clifton Coon is living in West Carroll Parish, Louisiana with children Alma and George (children by Mary Lavenia), and Mary Lavenia’s daughter (with W. G. Blunt) Mamie Blunt and her husband Edd Etherege and three children. Clifton is forty-six years old on this census. 

1930 District 7, Ward 4, West Carroll Parish, Louisiana

By 1940 Clifton Coon has now met and married a young woman half his age in West Carroll Parish, Louisiana. She was born in Mississippi, so did she migrate with the group who left Mississippi?  Is she connected to the Ramsey, Blunt, Coon and related families? More research is needed to prove that. Whatever the case, Clifton has migrated west after leaving Mississippi, and by 1940 he has married again taking a third wife, and an orphan per her marriage license information. While researching Mildred Easterlin his wife, I found her living with her grandparents in 1910 Beat 5, Jasper County, Mississippi. Her mother, Irene Easterlin was twenty-three years old living with her parents. Mildred’s grandfather was eighty years old and his wife was forty-three. Mildred was two months old on the 1910 census. The census for this family was very poor quality, but by enlarging it I was able to transcribe this family's information. 

Clifton Coon and Mildred J. 1940 West Carroll Parish, Louisiana

Clifton Coon, widower of Mary Lavenia Ramsey Blunt, and husband of Mildred J. has up and moved again without his last wife. He migrated further west to Silsbee, Hardin County, Texas and died there. What happened to his last wife Mildred is unknown? Research is ongoing to find his last wife. She deserves to be found and to know what happened to her.

In conclusion, I worked out the relationships in these families, and have the children with the correct parents. As for Clifton Coon, I think that he left his first wife Missouri Cowart, then married Mary Lavenia Blunt, or possibly they lived as a common-law couple since there hasn’t been a marriage record found for them. There was however, a marriage record for his first marriage and third marriage. Clifton then left Mary Lavenia with all the children. Mary Lavenia died under questionable circumstances and just disappeared from the family.  After Mary was gone from the family, Clifton then migrated to Louisiana and married Mildred J. Easterling. He then left her and migrated west where his son Henry Roan was living near his mother Missouri, and where he and Mary Lavenia’s sons Morris and George were living. 

Marriage for Clifton Coon and Mildred J. Easterling was 

found in Marriage Book F in the West Carroll 
Parish Courthouse in Oak Grove, Louisiana.

Clifton Columbus Coon died February 21, 1963 in Silsbee, Hardin County, Texas.  

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