Thursday, November 3, 2016

Those Places Thursday

Tallapoosa County, Alabama

Tallapoosa County, Alabama is a place that I had never heard of until I started researching. Genealogical research has led me to Tallapoosa County where the Carmack, Lee, Edwards, Meadows, Oliver, and White families have lived at one time or another in the past.

Tallapoosa County was land that the Creek Indians ceded in the Treaty of Cusseta in 1832. The Legislature created the state December 18, 1832. The name of the county was named after the Tallapoosa River. The settlers to the new territory came from the Carolinas, Georgia, and Tennessee.  The Lee family from Richland, South Carolina settled in Tallapoosa County sometime after 1830. The settlers and traders traveled the Okfuskee Trail or the Upper Creek Trading Path to the area. The trail and path is a southern route below the Appalachian barrier to the Mississippi Valley.

The Treaty of Fort Jackson was a treaty where the Creeks ceded territory that opened much of central Alabama for settlers. That Treaty took place August 1814. Alexander City was in that territory and is where William Alfred Lee was born; and his father the son of Jordan Lee and was born in Richland District, South Carolina. Alexander City was one of the first towns established as was Dadevile where other Lee families settled. Elmore County was created from parts of Tallapoosa County. The Lee family were farmers and came to the area looking for more opportunities and land. The first textile mill was established in Tallassee Falls in 1840. Farming was the main occupation of the settlers to Tallapoosa County. Goldmining also was another occupation that settlers did in Goldville and New Site preceding the Civil War.  Did goldmining bring the Lee family to Tallapoosa County, Alabama? Did they come because of the Textile Mill? Or did they come for the farm land? Jordan Lee purchase land in 1845 in Tallapoosa.

Jordan Lee the father of Benjamin Lee migrated from Richland District, South Carolina sometime after the 1830 census was taken and arrived in Tallapoosa County, Alabama in time to be enumerated on the 1840 Tallapoosa County Census. He purchased land in 1845 in Tallapoosa. Benjamin Lee son of Jordan also made his home in Tallapoosa County. However, Jordan Lee died in 1847. I don’t know the cause of his death, but I would love to know if it was a natural death, accidental, or from an illness or disease. I assume it was an unexpected death though.

Tallapoosa County is where several of the Lee ancestors settled and made their home. Jordan Lee died and left a widow Lydia Hodge Lee. Lydia would have been about fifty-seven years old when Jordan died.  She is living alone in 1850 Township 24, Tallapoosa County, Alabama and her value of real estate is one hundred and fifty dollars. Living near her is her youngest son Zachariah Lee, his wife and one year old daughter Susan F. Zachariah and wife Martha E. had not been married long. They married 29 October 1848 in Tallapoosa County, Alabama. Living in the same area is her son Benjamin, Drucila, and their children, Elizabeth, Jourdan Thomas, Benjamin W. H., Lettie, and Charlotte S.

The Lydia Lee lived in Tallapoosa County until sometime after 1850 Lydia’s circumstances changed and she moved to live with her children. On the 1860 Precinct 6, Butler County census, she is living with her daughter, Neome Hastin. In 1870 Township 22, Randolph County census she is living with another daughter Elizabeth “Betsy” Fetner. Then by 1880 Lydia wasn’t on the census. Lydia Lee died after the 1870 census but before 1880. 

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