Monday, November 14, 2016

Mystery Monday

Florence A. Ramsey Lost Child of Asa Martin and Eliza Jane

One of the lessons that every genealogist will learn at some point in researching their ancestors is that some ancestor mysteries will not be solved. The advantage of having family members share family stories of their ancestors, names, dates, places, and any vital information of an ancestor helps move researching along at a smooth and timely pace. The information will then be proven using all available records for accurate information for an ancestor. Such is not the case with Florence A. Ramsey. There is no one to look to for information. All the older family members are deceased, and family trees are not showing Florence A. Ramsey past 1900, and the family trees that show Florence on there are copied from other family trees.

The Ramsey family has been challenging to research, track, connect to each other, prove and ultimately place in a family tree. George Henry Ramsey removed from Charlotte County, Virginia with his family to Ceytesville, Chariton County, Virginia. By 1850 he, his wife Narcissa and children were living in Missouri. Then by 1860 George and his children are living in Beat 2, Fannin County, Texas. Why did he go to Fannin, Texas? His wife Narcissa had died in childbirth in Missouri after the 1850 census. And by the 1870 census George Henry had died. He went to Johnson Station with his family and there was a disease in the camp where they stayed and he became ill and died. His family was now devastated. They were ultimately separated and had to find places to live. What were George Henry’s plans when he left Virginia? More mysteries that are unsolved.

 Thus, the mystery of what happened to Florence A. Ramsey oldest child of Asa Martin Ramsey (son of George Henry Ramsey) and wife Eliza Jane. Only three censuses have F. A. or Florence listed. The first place where she is found is F. A. Ramsey on the 1880 Pike County, Mississippi census with her parents and sister M. L. Ramsey. 
Florence was born January 1875 in Pricedale, Pike County, Mississippi. Florence went to school in Carter’s Creek District and is on the Educable Children’s 1885 Census for Pike County. She was ten years old and her sister Mary L. was eight years old. Her parent/guardian was Asa Ramsey. That was a great find, and placed her in the location of her birth, as it did with her sibling and a parent.
Florence is on the 1900 District 109, Beat 3, Pike County, Mississippi United States Federal Census with her family except Mary Lavenia; and Mary Lavenia was married by 1900 to W. G. Blunt and had children of her own.  Florence’s father Asa M Ramsey was fifty-one years old. Her mother Jane Ramsey was forty-five years old. Florence Ramsey was twenty-five, and her brothers Henry Ramsey was fourteen, and Wallace Ramsey was eleven years old and his twin sister Maggie Ramsey was eleven. The other set of twins Percy and Bertha Ramsey were eight years old. Did Florence have mental or physical disabilities? Did she have a deformity as her younger brother Percy? The records don’t show that information. Percy’s World War I Draft Registration Card showed that he had a deformity; and the censuses showed he couldn’t work. What happened to Florence?
The conclusion after researching all possibilities is that she died after the 1900 census. There is no death information for Florence. Several search strategies were used to search for Florence A. Ramsey; however, all were unsuccessful. Therefore, until proven otherwise the conclusion is that Florence A. Ramsey the oldest child of Asa Martin Ramsey and Eliza Jane died after the 1900 census but before the 1910 census was taken. 

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