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Robert C. Meadows

There must have been something going on in the John Calvin Meadows family. Martha Francis was born about 1844 in New Site, Tallapoosa County, Alabama. She was living with her family on the 1850 through the 1880 census. Then she disappears and isn’t found again. She apparently didn’t marry because she was thirty-four years old living with her father John C., her sister Elizabeth age thirty-two, two brothers Asa age seventeen, and James age fifteen.  Her father was sixty-one years old and widowed.

Then, there is Mary Elizabeth on the 1860 census through the 1880 census. By 1880 their mother Sarah had died and Elizabeth along with her sister are keeping house for John C. and the two younger brothers. Sarah, their mother is on the 1870 census and is forty-eight years old; however, by 1880 she is no longer living. There possibly is a physical disability or health issue with the two daughters. On the 1870 census, they both are listed as assistant house keepers. Neither can read or write. There are no suggested records for the two daughters. There are no family trees with Martha Francis and Mary Elizabeth married. Death records are not found for the two daughters. So, the conclusion is they died between 1880 and 1900.

The seventh child of Sarah Ann Meadows wife of John Calvin was Robert C.  Meadows. Robert was born June 1853 in New Site, Tallapoosa County, Alabama. Robert like the rest of the family was an ordinary farmer. He owned a farm and worked it along with his family.
Robert married Sophronia C. Malear in Tallapoosa County, Alabama 13 August 1876 by J. C. Allen Justice of the Peace in Tallapoosa. Witnesses to the marriage were J. C. Meadows his father, and J. W. Spates uncle of Robert C. Meadows. J. W. Spates married Robert’s sister Dolly.

The marriage bond for Robert C. Meadows and Sophronia C. Malear. 

Marriage license for Robert C. Meadows and Fronia Malear. At the bottom
of the license John Calvin give his permission for him to marry. John Calvin is 
Robert C. Meadow's father.
In 1880 Robert and Sophronia were living in Newsite, Tallapoosa County, Alabama. They had two children Seretha J. E. age two years and Frances B.  age one. Sophronia was twenty-one and Robert was twenty-three years old. By the time the 1900 census was taken they had moved to DeKalb County. He owned his farm and it was mortgaged. The couple had been married twenty-four years and Fronia was the mother of eight children and all eight were living.

One can only surmise the reasons for Robert moving to another county away from family. Possibly better farming land and a better opportunity for raising a large family. Both of his parents were deceased by 1900. In 1910 Robert and his wife Sophrona were still living in DeKalb County, and he was farming, owned his farm and it was mortgaged. Five of his eight children were still living at home with him. Francis B. daughter was twenty-eight years old and single, Robert E. a son was nineteen years old and was single. Robert’s three daughters Eumer L. was fifteen, Jessie I. was fourteen, and Obera E. was eleven. Robert and Saphrona were married thirty-six years and they were married only once. 

By 1920 live was changed for Robert C. and Sophronia. They had aged and were living with their daughter Seretha Germany and her family on Dutton and Hunger Road in District 49, Dutton, Jackson County, Alabama. Their daughter was widowed. Seretha “Reathie” Meadows married William Oscar Germany 11 November 1894 in Tallapoosa County. This possibly was the reason for Robert C. and Sophronia moved to DeKalb County. Their daughter was living there after she married. By 1930 neither parent was living with Seretha. Robert Caleb died 23 January 1925 in Jackson County; and he was seventy-two years old when he died.  Sophronia Catherine died 16 March 1931 in Dawson, DeKalb County, Alabama, and she was seventy-five years old when she died. Both are interred at the Lusk Chapel United Methodist Church Cemetery.
Lusk Chapel United Methodist Church Cemetetery
Dawson, DeKalb County, Alabama

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