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William Meadows War of 1812 Patriot

William Meadows was born about 1794 in Wilkes County, Georgia. His parents were Frances Acree Meadows and the second Isham Meadows. William married his first cousin Gincy Jane Meadows daughter of John Meadows and wife Lydia. They married in Greene County, Georgia 29 June 1815. All seven of their children were born in Georgia.


William and Gincy were living in Dawdells, Harris County, Georgia in 1840-1850. Living near William and Gincy are his sons Seaborn and Gilbert and their families; and William and Gincy’s daughter Elizabeth and her family. Gilbert his son is a carpenter by trade. He was born in Georgia.

William Meadows served in the War of 1812 from Greene County. He served in Company 2, Jenkins Regiment, Georgia Volunteers and Militia. William was doing quite well for a farmer. His real estate value was $5000.00. William was fifty-eight years old and Gincy was fifty-four. Living with them was a thirty-three-year-old male Lasley Odem and a farmer however, he was born in South Carolina. So, what relationship was he to the family? Since relationships were not stated on the 1850 census more research needed to find out what his relationship is to William and Gincy. William and Gincy were first cousins so he would be related to both. William and Gincy’s fathers' were brothers.

William and Gincy’s daughter Elizabeth were living nearby. Joseph Flurry age twenty-seven was a farmer and his real estate value was $600.00. Joseph was born in Georgia also. He could not read. Elizabeth could not read either. Joseph and Elizabeth had one daughter Louisa J. age nine born in Georgia.

Seaborn Meadows, William’s thirty-two-year-old son and his family were living nearby. Living with him was eighteen-year-old John Odem born in South Carolina, and a farmer. He most likely is the brother to Lasley Odem. Lasley Odem married Martha A. Oliver. 28 Jul 1852 in Harris County, Georgia. He is related to the Meadows family on the Oliver line. Her father was John Joseph Oliver.

Children of William and Gincy Jane Meadows are Seaborn, John C., Susan F., Elizabeth, Pricilla, Levisa, and Gilbert Meadows. Direct line ancestors from Daniel Meadows are the first Isham, the second Isham, William, John Calvin, Emma Meadows, to Alice Lee. 
In 1860 William and Gincy Jane had removed from Georgia and are living in Tallapoosa County Alabama. William was on the 1866 Tallapoosa County, Alabama State census and would have been about seventy four years old. There was a Wm Meadows in the age category of 70-80 range. Gincy Jane Meadows died after 1860 in Tallapoosa County, Alabama. She is on the 1860 Tallapoosa County, Alabama census with three of her daughters and two of her grandchildren.

Tallapoosa County, Alabama 1866 State Census
Wm. Meadows

Daniel Meadows the progenitor of the Meadows family 
lived in this area of Virginia. 

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